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I just wanted to drop y’all a quick note to say that I admire all you do for your family and your community! I entered a giveaway on Goodreads to win the book you wrote Dream. Build. Believe. and I won a signed copy! I just finished the book today and not only was I impressed with all you and your family do, but I was so thankful to see a family who is successful and still holding onto the values they believe. I was greatly encouraged and felt you needed to know. While I don’t drink wine, I loved the book and the details (an educational adventure) that you shared….I felt as though I was right there on the crush pad or in the fields. Combining wine and music is a great idea and I love that it worked out the way you thought.
Again, thanks for the book and encouragement to succeed in my own life!

Have been a BackStage VIP member of Notaviva Vineyards for years, and met Steve and Shannon during a wine tasting at First Friday in Leesburg. We went on the AmaWaterways Melodies of the Danube river cruise with Steve, Shannon, her mom and the three boys in Nov 2015. I thought we knew these two fairly well, but gained a new insight into their love for one another and their dream for a farm family winery. This book is a fantastic read, and was hard to put down. Steve, you poured your heart and soul into telling how two crazy kids had a vision and made it a reality. Shannon, you prove over and over again that you are the anchor to a wild soul, keeping him from being the star in a do-it-yourself “Hold my beer and watch this” destructive video. May the two of you never lose your love for one another, your vision of providing wonderful learning experience for your boys, and producing world-class wines.

Hold dear the memories from the past as you make new ones to share with Tristan, Duncan and Ronan. Dream anew, and follow the moonstruck star
from the east as it guides your way.


Hi Stephen,

I picked up my book Sunday afternoon and finished reading it last night 🙂 The book was amazing! I couldn’t wait to get home from work each day to pick up where I left off to see what happens next. You are a wonderful writer and I loved how you included so many little details so the reader really got to know you, your family and your story. The hard work, dedication and love that you and Shannon put into living your dream is truly admirable. The next time I visit the tasting room I know I will take extra time to appreciate all of the beautiful details you incorporated while building it. Several times while reading your story my eyes filled with tears of sadness, happiness and proudness. Your story touched me and the love that you and Shannon have for each other is the kind of love some people spend their whole lives looking for but never find. It’s a true soul connection. The Notaviva concept is unique and really resonates with me as both a wine and music lover. Thank you for sharing your story!

Wishing you, Shannon and the boys a lifetime of happiness.

All the best,


P.S. The personal note with your signature was so nice!

P.S.S The Gitano is my favorite of your wines and the musical pairing “Best paired with starry nights, bonfires and fast Gypsy music” is spot on for me 🙂