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Good To Be Back

As the Mesh Omnimedia and Mascot Book teams continue working together towards our book launch (and you wouldn’t believe how long the checklist has gotten…) it is time for me to re-engage as a blogger in order to stay connected with our audience.  Sure I’ll be leveraging multiple social media channels as well, but there is something different—perhaps more personal—about authoring blog entries.  I remember during the construction process staying up late to upload my pictures and write about the day’s tasks.  In fact, Dream. Build. Believe. would not have been possible without having that blog to reference.

So as my team and I move forward through this amazingly complex world of publishing and marketing, I hope to keep everyone apprised of our progress.  Hits, misses, wins and face-plants, all will be revealed in all their stunning absurdity.  It feels great to be back in the blogosphere!

If you never had the opportunity to read the old blog that was kept during the construction process, I’ve incorporated it into the new Notaviva Vineyards website, broken out by categories.  You can check it out here >>.

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